Do you want more energy?

Do you feel stuck in a loop of tired, sick, and stressed?

Do you want to change but don’t know where to start?

Do you want more energy?

Do you feel stuck in a loop of tired, sick, and stressed?

Do you want to change but don’t know where to start?

Hey, I’m Dez!

Health coaching is a partnership between coaches and clients that guides clients toward the changes that they want to make. Don’t go through your health journey alone, I can help.

Desiree Werland


ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach, National Board Certified Health Coach, Certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach (AIP)

About me

I partner with individuals diagnosed with autoimmune conditions to become a champion for their life by building habits that help manage fatigue, flares, and pain so life can be enjoyed.

I partner with women to build habits that create well-being with autoimmune disease. Creating new habits can be overwhelming but you don’t have to do it alone, there is a better way.

I have been diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases, so I know first-hand the struggle, pain, and frustration. Learning how to implement new protocols, diets, and lifestyle is overwhelming and intimidating. I spent many hours investigating, experimenting, and building habits. Now, I want to empower others with autoimmune diseases so they can live the life they truly desire.


Together we can discover positive strategies and the support you need.

I am fortunate to have met Dez, and benefited from her coaching! I am growing personally and enjoying my life more. Sure, there are still challenges, yet with reassurance, guidance, and feedback, I feel safe and secure in making changes. Dez is supportive and nonjudgmental, that she’s a delight to work with, even when I need some redirection. Working with her has exceeded my expectations!

Coaching is truly a gift, and for me, especially a life changer!


Dez is my first experience working with a coach and I am pleased to report it has been and is most beneficial. I am now noticing when I am caught in negative thinking. Dez really listens and helps me solve my own problems. Working with Dez is giving me confidence to be me.


They’ve improved my motivation by “forcing” me to set goals, and then working to create smaller steps to move towards the goal, rather than just defining the starting point and the endpoint. This makes things much more realistic. Confidence-wise, it’s much easier to achieve realistic, smaller goals, and that’s helpful.


My health is improving because I’m able to focus on a goal and keep improving on it until it becomes a habit.



About Stronger than Autoimmune Podcast

Living with autoimmunity isn’t easy. Fight back autoimmunity with knowledge, nutrition, stress reduction, sleep, movement, non-toxic products, and positive living businesses. You are not alone, understand what you need to reclaim your life with autoimmune disease

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