What is Health Coaching?

Health coaches specialize in behavior change. They support their clients in finding their own strategies and motivation for change, overcoming obstacles, and implementing protocols that have either been prescribed by a clinician or nutritionist/dietitian or that the client has chosen to implement on their own. Health coaches don’t lecture, prescribe, or simply dispense advice. Instead, they empower others to make the choice for health, including healthier behaviors, for themselves.

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client that guides clients toward the changes that they want to make. A health coach is a specialist in behavior change that promotes health and wellness. Areas of focus can include, exercise, sleep, nutrition, movement, mindfulness, coping with an illness, body image, work/life balance, stress, and burnout.

Coaches are highly trained experts in human behavior, motivation, and health, embracing a variety of theoretical models to help guide their clients through change. They are also skilled at supporting their clients when change is difficult.

The best way to know if health coaching is for you is to experience it. Schedule a free 30-minute consult with me.